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Youth Bowhunters: 4 Tips from Realtree

Great article by Tyler Ridenour / Realtree: 4 Tips for Youth Bowhunters

4 Tips for Youth Bowhunters

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Article Author: Tyler Ridenour (September 15th, 2017)

Getting a young person involved in archery and bowhunting can be highly rewarding. Passing on our knowledge and passion as bowhunters to future generations is what keeps the sport alive. Many who have experienced it will tell you that helping a young hunter harvest his or her first animal with a bow provides a level of fulfillment that’s greater than any animal they have arrowed themselves. Ensuring that youth bowhunters have positive experiences during their formative years significantly increases the odds that they’ll continue bowhunting later in life. This is largely due to proper instruction and selecting the right gear. If you’re mentoring a youth bowhunter, keep the following tips in mind to give them the best chances for success.

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