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Xero™ A1i Bow Sight by Garmin Product Feature

The Xero Aii Bow Sight by Garmin is by far one of the most exciting new archery products for the 2018 hunting season. The Xero Aii offers a revolutionary change to the sport of archery by offering laser guided precision for shot placement, yardage and angle adjustments.

The new archery sight by Garmin has everything that is needed to accurately range your target, adjust sight pins for distance and slope, as well as calculate arrow and shot dynamics by storing and analyzing data from your bow.

As with most new technology that is introduced to the world of hunting, there have been those who have embraced the new site, as well as those who have offered their disapproval. More accurate shot placement and precise yardage are certainly game changers for most hunters, however, some see the product as adding too much technology to a traditional sport.

Whatever your stance may be, the Xero Aii Bow Sight by Garmin is definitely a one of a kind product that will change the game of archery in 2018.

What are your thoughts on the Xero Aii Bow Sight from Garmin?

Xero™ A1i Product Video

Highlights of the Xero™ A1i Bow Sight

Range, Sight and Shoot the Exact Pin

They’re the first bow-mounted digital laser range finders and targeting display systems that measure the angle-compensated distance to your target and provide an LED pin for the shot.

All-in-one Design

Xero bow sights mount directly to your bow, providing a highly accurate laser range finder that calculates the exact LED pin to use for the shot.

Laser Range Finder

Xero A1 and A1i bow sights instantly provide the precise angle-compensated distance to game up to 100 yards away or up to 300 yards on reflective targets, at rest or full draw.

LED Pins

Xero A1 utilizes red LEDs while A1i gives you the option to use red or green LEDs.

Silent Button Trigger

The range button is placed in a convenient location for your grip so that 1 finger can silently trigger the laser range finder to give you the distance and exact pin you need for the shot.

Customizable Pins

You can customize your Xero bow sight for single-pin and multi-pin configurations, or if you have certain favorite yardages, you can specify manual pin selections.

Laser Locate Feature

Use Xero A1i along with companion Garmin GPS devices (sold separately) to track game or find arrows to show you exactly where the target was located when the shot or range was taken.

Multiple Arrow Profiles

Save settings for various draw weights, arrow weights and tips. Easily change between fast arrows for 3-D and heavier arrows for hunting.

Shot Dynamics

The Xero A1i bow sight includes additional information that can help improve archer performance. View data such as bow level at release, bow impulse duration and more.



Xero™ A1i Products Specs

Physical dimensions – 3.9″ x 3.1″ x 3.8″ (100.3 x 79.4 x 97.1 mm)
Weight – 14.7 oz (418.0 g)
Water rating – IPX7
Battery – 2 lithium AAA (not included)
Display type – sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Display size – 1.00″W x 0.42″H (2.5 x 1.1 cm); 2.0″ diag (5.0 cm)
Display resolution – 160 x 68 pixels
Battery life – Up to 1 year
Interface – USB

LED pins: 2 colors (red and green)
Range: 100 yards to game; 300 yards to reflective targets
Silent button trigger
Customizable fixed pins
Laser Locate™ feature
Multiple arrow profiles
Shot dynamics
Shot counter
Compatible with Garmin GPS devices: yes (see Compatible Devices tab)

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