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Catching Coyotes with a Foot Hole Trap

Video on How to Set and Catch Coyotes with a Foot Hole Trap Norm Blackwell shows his techniques and methods for catching coyotes with a foot hole trap. For more trapping videos and info check out Video Source: WolferNation (Jan 2013) Video Url:

Happiness Afield

Happiness Afield by Matt Treat For many, happiness consists of, playing video games, going to the beach, watching movies, or going shopping. For serious hunters, happiness consists of something much more; something that runs deep, and only serious hunters will ever understand. Many start hunting at a very young age; like myself, so

Shed Antler Hunting

Shed Antler Hunting by Shane Niemi   With Illinois archery season coming to a close, many people, including myself, shift focus to shed antler hunting. I always look forward to shed hunting because it’s a way to continue chasing the bucks on my hit list, and it helps paint a bigger picture of