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Win a Bowtech Reign 6: Map Reading Challenge Contest

Enter Sean's Outdoors Adventure's Map Reading Challenge Contest To Win a Free Bow Enter contest at: CS Outdoors has always been committed to developing hunters and promoting products and programs that encourage outdoorsman to fine tune their skills.  Here is a great contest from Sean's Outdoor Adventures that has selected 12 outdoorsman, with

Youth Bowhunters: 4 Tips from Realtree

Great article by Tyler Ridenour / Realtree: 4 Tips for Youth Bowhunters 4 Tips for Youth Bowhunters Content Source: Article Author: Tyler Ridenour (September 15th, 2017) Getting a young person involved in archery and bowhunting can be highly rewarding. Passing on our knowledge and passion as bowhunters to future generations is what keeps

Always Love New Bows – The NEW Prime Rize

Features of the Rize Prime Rize Highlighted Stats: Axel-to-axel length: 33 inches Brace height: 6.75 inches Mass weight: 4.3 pounds IBO speed: 335 fps Draw length options: 26-30 inches Draw weights max. options: 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds Check out the story and sign up for the industry's latest news at