CS Outdoors LLC

Enhancing Your Outdoor World


Welcome to CS Outdoors LLC 

 Established in 2012, CS Outdoors mission is ‘to create the perfect hunting experience for those who treasure hunting and the outdoors.’

Consultation and Land Management Services for the Hunting Community

CS Outdoors provides the most comprehensive list of hunting and land management services in the Midwest.  Our services are proven to help you enhance your hunting adventures, as well as maximize the potential of your property through wildlife and habitat management. We incorporate filming and video services into our company’s services to offer our customers the ability to experience the obsession that is tied into filming and producing hunts.  Whether you are an avid hunter wanting to place that trophy buck on video or a pro-staffer needing a back-up camera crew, we have the filming expertise to help you get it done. CS Outdoors is dedicated to helping hunters of all varieties; rich and poor, new and  old, public hunters to outfitters. If you have a passion within the hunting world, CS Outdoors can help you enhance it.

Sales Solutions for the Hunting Industry

 We also excel in providing unique sales representation for companies and brands in the hunting industry that are looking to increase product sales.
With years of hunting experience, a background in advertising/marketing and countless industry resources at our disposal, CS Outdoors is a reliable and resourceful way for companies to increase sales and brand awareness.
CS Outdoors hopes to one day become the leader in Midwest sales representation for the hunting industry.