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Definitely give Cory & his operation 5 stars for his service. I called Cory 3 weeks before I was scheduled to come in with some friends of mine to hunt NE MO. Not only did he find me a good piece of ground, but he had a few stands and cameras already hung for us. We had 2 guys hunt the farm, both killed their biggest bucks to date. Save me some property, cause we will be doing business again in the near future!!

Donnie – Louisiana

( LA )

CS Outdoors has been a great business partner. They are awesome guys, and lasting friendships were formed through our business partnership. We would high recommend them to anyone looking for a unique, quality hunting experience.

Derek Domerese – MyHuntingLand

( MO )

I had never been hunting before, so I had no idea what to expect. CS Outdoors covered every aspect for my 1st hunting experience, and I had the best time of my life! I even got my 1st turkey! It was an unbelievable hunt and I will never forget it.

Adam Covault – Illinois

( IL )

CS Outdoors is a class act operation. Cory has become a great friend and he will go the extra mile to give you the best opportunity at a successful hunt.

Pat Hill – Alabama

( AL )

CS Outdoors' Hunting Journal

Hunting Journal – Top 10 Locations to Help Maximize Your Shed Hunting Results

Top 10 Locations to Help Maximize Your Shed Hunting Results Newsletter 2-20-17 Hunting Journal

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Hunting Journal – Shed Antler Hunting

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Click to Read Newsletter 1-30-17 Shed Antler Hunting by Shane Niemi (CS Outdoors Pro Staff)

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Let 3.5 year old whitetails walk

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Want a good example of why you should let 3.5 yr olds walk? Meet the deer we call “One-Eyed Bill”. A respectable buck as a 3.5 yr old (left), now a completely different class of whitetail (right) Developing an age structure with your deer herd not only makes you a better hunter and conservationist, it

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Deer Stand Debate: Leave them up or take them down?

  Deer Stand Debate:  Leave them up or take them down? Written By:  Rob Harrell January 31, 2016 This debate has nothing to do with politics, religion, or science.  It does not involve anyone named Clinton or Trump.  And you certainly won’t find any coverage of this topic on CNN.  No, this is a topic that

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