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Let 3.5 year old whitetails walk

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Want a good example of why you should let 3.5 yr olds walk? Meet the deer we call “One-Eyed Bill”. A respectable buck as a 3.5 yr old (left), now a completely different class of whitetail (right) Developing an age structure with your deer herd not only makes you a better hunter and conservationist, it

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Deer Stand Debate: Leave them up or take them down?

  Deer Stand Debate:  Leave them up or take them down? Written By:  Rob Harrell January 31, 2016 This debate has nothing to do with politics, religion, or science.  It does not involve anyone named Clinton or Trump.  And you certainly won’t find any coverage of this topic on CNN.  No, this is a topic that

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Staying Enthused in the Off Season – Great Article & Collaboration by Eric Pickhartz

Want a great collaboration of blogs and ideas to stay informed and enthusiastic during the off-season?  Take a quick read of Eric Pickhartz article on Wide Open Spaces http://www.wideopenspaces.com/7-deer-hunting-blogs-reading/

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