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Land Owners Interested in Creating Guaranteed Annual Income by Becoming Part of CSO Hunts and Lease Program
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Welcome to CS Outdoors LLC 

 Established in 2012, CS Outdoors mission is
‘to create the perfect hunting experience for those who treasure hunting and the outdoors.’

Land for Sale, Land Investor Services and Land Management Services

CS Outdoors is unlike any other company in the outdoor industry. We provide 3 unique investment programs for land owners to help generate income for their families. These programs come with over 30 different methods that can be utilized by land owners to maximize the gains off of their property.
Beyond our investment and lease programs, we also provide a wide variety of land management services. We take a hands on, in the field approach to all of our land management projects and work only with contractors that can match the superior quality of service that we demand.
Additionally, we also provide quality, proven consultation for habitat and wildlife management for land owners who want to place an emphasis on conservation, Knowing the needs of the land and how to effectively approach a game plan for your property if an often overlooked aspect of quality land management. We even assist potential land buyers with consultation towards the purchase of properties that can best suit
their budget and investment needs.

Unlike most other companies in the industry, we put land owners needs first and we strive to provide the highest level of customer care.
We fully commit our company’s entire line of services to land owners so that they can maximize their returns and create a property that is truly unique.

Hunting Leases and Weekly Hunts

 CS Outdoors takes pride in developing unique weekly hunts and select yearly lease properties for serious hunters looking to hunt high quality properties in the Midwest.

CSO ELITE HUNTS – Our company hand selects properties for our weekly hunts program and fully develops the properties we hunt on in order to maximize the opportunities our hunters have for harvesting true trophy whitetails. Our weekly hunts provide hunters with the ability to hunt low pressure, high quality properties in the Midwest that are fully managed by a reputable company that puts our customers needs first.
CS Outdoors Elite Weekly Hunts come with a 100% opportunity guarantee to assure hunters that all efforts will be made to provide quality hunts.

CSO HUNTS – CS Outdoors also locates, researches and helps develop annual hunting leases for avid outdoorsman looking for quality hunting land.  Our lease properties are located and found from both private land owners and land lease companies.

 Serious hunters can utilize CS Outdoors research, review and consultation for quality land leases in the Midwest to compile a list of lease properties that best fit their desired price range, travel area, acreage, numbers in hunting party and more…
Whether leased with a private land owner or leasing company, CS Outdoors also provides hunters a variety of packages and services that can help set up, manage and maintain the lease.
These services provide a hassle free, stress free way for hunters to manage their lease in partnership with a reputable company in the hunting industry.